Al Mulla Exchange within a short span of time has emerged as the fastest growing Exchange Company.  We have always tried to reach out to customers by various means to simplify their remittance needs, that is why Al Mulla Exchange is the most preferred exchange company in Kuwait.


Currently Al Mulla Exchange has a network of 70 Branches in the state of Kuwait and a paid up capital of KD 11 million. We have branches widely spread across Kuwait thus making it convenient for the customers to remit their money or exchange cash currencies.

AMX Online

Now wherever the customer goes, Al Mulla Exchange is accessible. By launching the online remittance portal (, customers are able to avail Al Mulla Exchange service anywhere across the globe. The portal having global security features being factored in is highly secured yet very user friendly.

The levels of security we provide through AMX Online service are on par with those offered by the largest banks in the country. Before we implemented the system, the robustness of our software and its various security aspects were fully authenticated and approved by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

Kiosk Machine

Kiosk Machine

Al Mulla Exchange recently introduced the latest device to transfer money to all countries across the world. The 'Kiosk' machine recognizes all customer data through Civil ID card reader and finger print reader a process that ensures that only an existing customer that has completed KYC related formalities can access the terminal for transaction. Using this machine, an existing customer can transfer amount in any currency to an existing beneficiary across the world as per the terms and condition by Central Bank of Kuwait.