1) What are the types of identifications accepted to do a transaction?

  • Valid Civil Id
  • Valid Passport Copy

 2) What are the work timings for Al Mulla Exchange?  

  • Sunday to Saturday from 8:00 morning until 9:30 evening.

 3) Is there any limit for payments in cash?

  • Yes, as per Central Bank of Kuwait guidelines the maximum amount of cash to be transferred is up to KD3,000, transaction above KD3,000 you can pay through K-NET.

  4) Can I use my credit cards for making payments?

  • Credit card is not accepted. 

  5) What are the details required if I want to send a Bank to Bank Transfer / Transfer to my account?

  • Beneficiary full name (it should be accurate and as per Account details)
  • Account Number
  • Bank Branch
  • Amount to be send

Kindly note that some other bank transactions require more details. Please contact our Hotline number 1840123

  6) If I remit to India/Sri Lanka/ Philippine/ Egypt/Pakistan/Bangladesh for cash pick up, when would I receive my money?

  • Same day it will be received

  7) What are the details required if I want to send money through Western Union transfer?

  • Beneficiary name (as per Identification to be presented)
  • Country of destination
  • Amount to be send

  8) Does Al Mulla Exchange take commission on currency transactions?

  • No commission will be taken.

  9) Where can I log a complaint or issue regarding a service availed from Al Mulla Exchange?

 10) Do you have an online service for remitting money?

 11) What are the requirements for online registration? 

  • You should be an existing Al Mulla customer
  • Valid Civil ID
  • Active Email address
  • K-NET 

 12) Can I make transaction to a new beneficiary in online?

  • You  can remit only to an existing beneficiary.